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We are defined by what we do and how we do. Our focus is not just on creating a mark for ourselves but to provide a platform for our clients that help them connect with their potential targets, build on their value and create a successful scalable and growing business meeting their objectives and ROI goals. We are a full-scale digital agency that provides complete solutions for your entire web, mobile and digital marketing needs.

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Bespoke software


In the bustling city of Nairobi, Kenya, where innovation knows no bounds and businesses strive for excellence, Dimetech Group has been leading the charge in delivering exceptional bespoke software systems. Our tailored solutions are reshaping the way local organizations operate and succeed in this dynamic environment. Our software developers are highly professional and use the latest, stable, and battle-tested tools and infrastructure to build high quality business systems. 

App Development
E-Commerce Solutions
Business Tools
Bespoke Websites
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Digital Campaigns

Unlocking Success with AdTech Solutions: Effective, Affordable, and Result-Oriented 



Search Engine Optimisation
Google Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Google Analytics
Twitter Campaigns
META Ads (Facebook and Instagram)
Programmatic Media Buying
Google AdSense Solutions
Lead Generation and Brand Awareness
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Cloud Services

Digital transformation knows no bounds, your business deserves the very best. That is where we step in, offering cloud solutions that are not just the best but also the most affordable in Kenya, from Nairobi to Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru, Mombasa, and all major towns across the country 

Cloud Storage
Cloud Hosting
Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery
Global Reach, Local Service
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